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Does This Make Sense?


You spend three hundred dollars on a meal to impress your client but eat the daily special Subway sandwiches for under four bucks at lunch to save money.

You put out over $1,000 on the suit or outfit you bought so that you can look your best when you go out to do business, but your socks and underwear are the cheap stuff you only buy at Wal-Mart.

You bought an $80,000 car so you can give the impression that you “have arrived”, but sit in a gas station line-up at 11pm for a half hour with the motor running on a cold and rainy night because the price of gas is due to rise by 2 cents at midnight and you could be saving $1.50. 

You or your parents have spent $100,000 on getting you a university education and now you find yourself selling real estate which the education didn’t benefit you in the least, and now you won’t spend $500 on a course to teach you how to be more effective and make more money in your career.

You have committed your family to a splendid $850,000 home with a hefty mortgage, in a trendy area, so that you  will have a splashy address to brag about. But you will complain about your large annual property tax bill and an even more hefty monthly utilities hit.

Does any of this make sense?

Will you will spend $300 on a meal, $1,000 on a suit, $80,000 on a car, $100,000 on a university education and $850,000 on a house, none of which you really need, just  so that you can give the world the impression that you are a success, that you have arrived, that you are someone with a good reputation. 

So, you have everything needed to make an impression except for one… you have aligned yourself with a broker and a brand that carries no association to success.

Suppose it was me going on a listing presentation and I didn’t wear a $1,000 suit or drive a $80,000 car or talk about where I live and the house I own (which really the mortgage company owns), but I put my business card on the table and the logo on the card was a balloon and the brand on the card was “RE/MAX”, and the prospect had the top of mind awareness that the RE/MAX brand carries to know that he/she was now dealing with a successful agent, would you say that the odds were stacked in my favour?

I would say so. I can prove it. I have done it. The agents in my office do it every day. RE/MAX has a 30% market share… proof enough?

It’s not rocket science. 

You build your “Reputation by Association”. 

If you have a kid who is of university age and money was no object, and the choices were to send that child to either the University of Toronto or Oxford in England, where would you send your child?

Chances are he or she would be getting the same level of education and certainly the same degree on graduation at both Universities. The difference lies in who that child is associating with. In Toronto your child will be making connections with others mostly from Toronto. At Oxford chances are your child will be learning and associating with royalty from all over the world. If money is no object, where would you send your child?

Since money is not an issue unless you make it an issue, doesn’t it make sense that you should also give yourself the same opportunities you want your children to have? Shouldn’t you be associating with the cream of the industry? Shouldn’t you at least find out what the RE/MAX reputation can do to change the way you do business and how much more you can be making to cover the life style you deserve?

Call me and let’s explore this together.

Sam Green

Career Coach, Manager, RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage

Cell: 416-473-3470